For Natacha Chavez, the
fight for progress is personal...

As a daughter of an immigrant from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, she understands the struggles of our immigrant communities, from language, cultural, and bureaucratic barriers to the challenges of overt racism that are alive and well, even in a community as diverse as Phoenix.

As a daughter of a Navy veteran who became a high school teacher on the GI Bill, Natacha understands how important it is to ensure good benefits for vets—educational, medical, and occupational—and believes firmly that no veteran should ever need to worry about basic needs, like housing or food security.


Natacha is ready to fight for...

  • Workers and their unions, good wages, good jobs
  • The right of every family to live in an environmentally-healthy community
  • Expanding access to healthy, affordable food
  • Voting rights and access for all eligible adults 
  • Small business development throughout the district
  • Funding afterschool and quality pre-K for all children
  • Pushing toward electric buses to fight widespread childhood asthma

If you’re a voter in the district and you’d like to talk more about these plans or your own vision for the district, get in touch! Natacha wants to hear from you!

We all deserve a better quality of life...

As a public school graduate and proud alum of Phoenix Community College, Natacha knows how valuable it is to have well-supported public education institutions in our city and state. Good public schools improve quality of life and the economy, and are the backbone of strong communities.

As a mom, a wife, an activist, a woman of color, and a tireless volunteer for progressive causes and candidates, Natacha knows how powerful people can be when we come together and how much value there is to be found in simple, old-fashioned communication: a cup of coffee together at a picnic table, a front-porch chat, and even a phone call.

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